Session 32: The Speakers from NH ABA 2017

Today's show is a little different than the typical episode. On September 30th, 2017, the New Hampshire Association for Behavior Analysis will be hosting its 3rd annual conference (tickets are available here). In order to promote this event, and more generally, highlight the great work that NH ABA does, I put together a sequence of five mini-interviews with all of the conference speakers.

This year's line-up is great. We will feature a Keynote address from Dr. Greg Hanley, and a closing Distinguished Speaker presentation from Dr. Mark Sundberg. Between these talks, we'll hear from Dr. Derek Reed, Caitlin Kirkwood, and Michael Miklos. In this episode, you'll hear about what they will talk about, but you can also click here to access the conference brochure.

The conference is a fantastic value. The early-bird price of $99 gets you 6.5 CEU's, a buffet lunch (yes, there is a free lunch), and opportunities to meet and network with fellow behavior analysts. The early bird price is available through August 31st, but if I had to guess, the event is going to sell out prior to that. As such, if you're considering attending, I recommend picking up your tickets right away. Click here to access the online portal to make that happen.

In this episode, I've asked each speaker to recommend readings, websites, and other resources to check out. Here are those references in the approximate order in which they are mentioned in the episode.

From Greg's interview:

  2. Slayton, Hanley, & Raftery 2017

From Derek's:

  1. Some random podcast episode
  2. Derek's tutorial video on the SQAB YouTube channel
  3. The Behavior Analysis in Practice tutorial article

From Mike's:


From Caitlin's:

  1. Addison, et al., 2012
  2. Peterson, et al., 2016
  3. The SOS approach to feeding

From Mark's:

  1. The Verbal Behavior Approach, by Session 12 guest, Dr. Mary Lynch Barbera
  2. Jumpstarting Communication Skills in Children with Autism, by Dr. Mary Jane Weiss
  3. The Analysis of Verbal Behavior Special Issue on the Intraverbal
  4. Thirty Points About Motivation from Skinner's Book Verbal Behavior

That's it for now. I hope to see you at the conference!

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