Session 37: Sustainability & Straws with Amanda Kelly!

Do you want to hear a cool story about using Behavior Analysis to improve the environment?

Glad you asked! Dr. Amanda Kelly returns to the podcast to discuss her #nostrawforme campaign. What started out as essentially a self-management intervention is evolving into movement to reduce the usage of disposable or single-use items.

Personally, I rarely use straws, but this conversation prompted me to think about other ways in which I consume single-use items, such as paper towels, aluminum cans, and so forth. I hope you find this conversation just as thought provoking. And feel free to share these thoughts in the comments!

Here are some links to things Amanda talked about:

  1. The Lonely Whale Foundation
  2. ABAI's Behavior Analysis for Sustainable Societies SIG
  3. A paper from Dr. Scott Geller's early seat belt work
  4. The Behavior Analyst's special edition on sustainability
  5. Research Gate

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This podcast is sponsored by Britton Behavioral Consulting. Dr. Lisa Britton, BCBA-D specializes in providing independent fieldwork supervision in a remote context. If you listen to Session 29, you'll learn that she has a wealth of experience in both the practice of Behavior Analysis, as well some great processes in place for mentoring soon-to-be BCBA's. I have corresponded with previous mentees of hers, and to a person, they sang her praises as a supervisor.

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