Session 40: Mark Dixon and Dana Paliliunas Want Kids to Accept, Identify, and Move

Mark Dixon and Dana Paliliunas join me for Session 40 to discuss the new curriculum they just published, which is called Accept, Identify, and Move. In short, it's a curriculum guide to help kiddos by combining Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Applied Behavior Analysis.

In this episode, we touch on a wide range of topics, including classroom interventions, school wide supports, the role of Mark's previous works (e.g., PEAK and ACT for Children with Autism and Emotional Challenges), and even disseminating and teaching complex topics to school personnel. So even if you don't work in school settings, or if you are an ACT-skeptic, I think there are plenty of lessons that are contained in this episode.

I've had a chance to review excerpts of the book and in short, it looks fantastic. Personally, I can see many applications of this work in my practice as a school-based consultant. It's available right now at the Shawnee Scientific Press website.

We also get into tons of listener questions on Mark's PEAK curriculum. In fact, we could probably do an entire Q & A show on PEAK given its popularity. In that segment of the show, we discuss the PEAK ABA YouTube channel and the PEAK ABA Solutions training arm. You can find links to these resources here and here.

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  1. When you spoke during the show about getting a sneak peak into the AIM book, was that something only offered to you, or could I find these sample pages somewhere?

    1. Post

      It was sent to me in order to help develop questions for the interview. I was asked not to distribute it, and I do not believe that it’s publicly available 🙁 Sorry

    1. Post

      Hi Mary, I am hesitant to speak for the authors, but throwing caution to the wind, I have two thoughts on your question. 1. I’m going to guess that most, if not all, of the development of this curriculum was tested in school settings. 2. Your question is probably a great research topic. I can only see it helpful to teach kids ACT skills across a variety of settings, provided they have the language skills to avail themselves to the content (recall Dana saying during the interview that kiddos start contacting ACT-type skills at the end of the transformation module). I hope this is helpful. Best, Matt

  2. Shawnee scientific press only ships withing the US. Couldn’t find the books anywhere else. Any ideas of where to get them when living in Switzerland?!

    1. Post

      Hi Nadja, Please see my comment to Kathie Shaw. Unfortunately I am not directly involved with Shawnee Scientific Press (other than being a fan of their work). I did email Mark Dixon and let him know if that there’s international interest. Thanks for reaching out and best of luck in getting a copy. All the best, Matt

    1. Post

      Hi Kathie, I sent your concerns to Mark. I apologize that I can’t help with this more directly. I hope you’re able to get one of these books ASAP! Thanks for writing in!

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