Session 43: Megan Miller Wants us to Do Better in 2018!

Happy New Year!!!

I couldn't imagine a better way to kick off 2018. Megan Miller returns to The Behavioral Observations Podcast to inform us of a movement-of-sorts that she is kicking off in this new year.

Specifically, Megan is rolling out a multi-media campaign of professional development for 12 consecutive months. She is calling this the "Do Better Movement." And before you get the wrong idea, it's not intended to be preachy or judgmental per se. Instead, it is meant to be a call for practitioners at all stages to strive for continues improvement. This is an idea I can surely get behind.

Megan's son Taylor wants to make ABA great again

In this episode, Megan discusses the specific topics for each month of 2018, as well as the content that she will release to support these practice areas. Each month will include a webinar, YouTube video, blog post, and more for each focus topic.

If you want to get involved, here are some links that you'll want to know about:

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